Oakshire Estate & Airfield
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Our private estate and airfield are crafted to make events unforgettable and dreams come true. We call these unforgettable events “Legacy Events” because they will not soon be forgotten whether by our brides and grooms, event guests, team members at company parties, fundraiser attendees, or anyone in between.



Few venues can offer anything close to the pristine, private, spacious grounds combined with the luxurious home.  Our estate includes over 100 acres of fields, pastures and meticulously landscaped grounds with its tree-lined driveway leading to a beautiful traditional southern style brick mansion with a stately columned entrance. We have the ability to host small, intimate events, as well as, very large events in 5+ different settings.  Additionally, we offer a private airstrip and helicopter landing pad to ensure complete security and private enjoyment for public figures who wish to stay outside the public view.   We provide an exclusive, elegant, safe, private yet accessible event venue to meet the needs of every bridal couple, corporate planner or charity function. We look forward to working with you and providing a world class venue experience.


Our Airfield

Our airfield is a unique feature that allows our clients to fly into the estate for direct access to our private venue. This is ideal for our high profile clients who want to be able to have a private celebration with their family and friends. Our runway is 3,000 ft long and can accommodate both private jets and helicopters. Our clients also make use of the airfield at the end of their wedding, instead of a “getaway car” our brides can have a “getaway” private jet or helicopter making for an extra special ending to a perfect day.

Our Valley

We are nestled in Central Washington in the beautiful Yakima Valley, on the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range. We are blessed with having sun nearly every day during spring-fall in Yakima. People often think Washington and immediately think rain (thanks, Seattle) but here on the east side of the Cascades we get about as many sunny days as Seattle gets rainy days. We are technically in a desert climate, and we get four distinct seasons per year. We are conveniently located about a 2.5 hour dive to Seattle, WA, Spokane, WA, and Portland,OR. Yakima is an agricultural town and our beautiful valley is known for our orchards + hop fields.




Craft Beer + Wine: Washington State is known for producing the majority of the apples in the USA and our little valley is a big part of that. Apart form producing apples, our valley is a major producer of wine grapes and the largest producer of hops (an essential ingredient in most beers) in the world. That being said, it’s no wonder that we have some incredible craft breweries and wine tasting rooms. Wine tasting and brewery hoping have been a fun way for many of our brides and grooms along with their families to enjoy our beautiful Valley. Some of our favorite breweries are Bale Breaker, Single Hill , and Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co. Our favorite wine tasting rooms include: Gilbert Cellars, Côte Bonneville, and Traveri (for sparkling wine)

Restaurants + Eateries: We also have some incredible restaurants and eateries that are absolutely delicious. Some of our favorites are Cowiche Canyon Kitchen & Ice House Bar , Crafted , Provisions , Zesta Cucina , and E.Z. Tiger.

We hope that you will have a chance to explore Yakima while you are here for your event or wedding celebration and that you will get a chance to experience some of our amazing and delicious foods and beverages.